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Certificate in Computer Concept (CCC)

Government of Gujarat has made it mandatory for all government and grant in aid employees to pass examination of CCC for all class 3 services and CCC+ for class 2 and class 1 services (Ref: 30/09/2006 PRCH/102005).

ITI Surat is providing Computer Training to the employees and conducts examination for CCC course.

Employees are being trained by Instructors
CCC Course Syllabus (Total Duration: 45 hrs.)
Section-1, Duration: 20 Hours
Operating System & Office Productivity Tools
  • Microsoft Windows XP/2003
  • MS Word 2003 including Advanced Features
  • MS Outlook 2003
  • File and Folder Management
  • Internet Familiarity, Usage and E-mail
  • Understanding Wide Area Network , Wireless LAN and connecting LAN to WAN
  • Information on Internet explorer usage and various options/settings available
  • Overview & usage of PDF
Section-2, Duration: 15 Hours
Microsoft Office Indic 2003 (Gujarati)
  • Introduction about MS Office 2003 Indic
  • Introduction about Desktop, Mouse, Keyboard, etc.
  • How to start Word? Methods of starting Word 2003
  • How to change language English to Gujarati
  • Introduction about the Gujarati keyboards
  • Introduction about the Gujarati IME.
  • Difference between Remington and Transliteration Keyboard
  • What is Transliteration Keyboard?
  • How to type different Characters and Words from transliteration Keyboard.
  • How to use IME help?
  • How to use spelling grammars check in Gujarati?
  • What is Smart Tag? What is Thesaurus?
  • How to change the Menu from English to Gujarati?
  • Convert the ASCII font to Unicode from TBIL Converter
Section-3, Duration: 10 Hours
Troubleshooting, Installation and Best Practices
  • Understanding Storage devices
  • How to use a DVD/CD ROM and floppy
  • Burning a DVD/CD
  • Taking data on and from a flash drive, pen drive
  • Using data and resources from a Local Area Network
  • Using FTP for uploading and downloading of Data from the Internet
  • Information on scanner and scanner software usage/configuration Installations
  • Installing basic software's like MS Office, etc
  • CD Burning software (Nero etc.)
  • Installing or adding printers
  • Installing or adding Fonts
  • Installing sound drivers
  • Installing drivers for any new hardware
  • Installing new software and removing them using the control panel
Best Practice
  • Understanding patches, upgrades, versions and installing them
  • General Security Concepts
  • Covering orientation on the criticality of the password protection.
  • Guidelines on forming new passwords
  • Guidelines on protection of the assigned accounts
  • Disk cleanup
  • Regular updating of anti virus software
  • Scandisk Backups in detail including the following./ Backup through Application/ Record Retention
Trouble Shooting
  • Troubleshooting Tools
  • Troubleshooting Viruses
  • Troubleshooting Fundamentals
  • Problems that keep a computer from starting
  • Troubleshooting OS
  • Problems after a Computer Boots
The following Courses of ITI are equivalent to CCC. (Ref: CTS/2006/1336 dt:10/02/2006)
No. Name of Course Duration Scheme
1 Data Entry Operator 3 Months S.C.V.T.
2 Data Preparation & Computer Software (DPCS) 1 Year N.C.V.T.
3 Computer Operator & Porgramming Assistant (COPA) 1 Year N.C.V.T.
4 Certificate in Software Programming 1 Year S.C.V.T.
5 Certificate Course in Web Design 1 Year S.C.V.T.
6 Certificate in E-Commerce 1 Year S.C.V.T.
7 Certificate in Multimedia Tech. & D.T.P. 1 Year S.C.V.T.
8 Stanography (English) cum Computer Operator 1 Year S.C.V.T.

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